Album Index of Cannery Row Images by Michael K. Hemp

IRIS - A collection of MK Hemp photos of note.   New album: "My Time in Kaua`i Past"

The Wing Chong Market  -  A view inside its famous walls.
"America And Americans" Cannery Row Book Party, February 21st, 2002
Cannery Row Views  -  What and Who the Row looks like

Photo Art of Cannery Row  -  The Art in the Row as it was and is.

Sardine Oil Storage Tanks  at the San Xavier Packing Company site. A Photo Essay

"Steinbeck Country"  -  Monterey County's John Steinbeck literary locales

Pacific Biological Laboratories  -  Inside and outside "Doc's Lab."

Cannery Row Exhibits  -  Presentation of Cannery Row themes of importance

The Robert Lewis Exhibit of Cannery Row Photography 1957 -1958 (Maritime Museumm of Monterey)

816 Wave Street -- My studio (1981-1988) on the bluff behind the Wing Chong.

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