Cannery Row Foundation Event
February 21st, 2002 at

700 Cannery Row
Monterey, California

Photos by Michael Hemp

Monterey Canning Company, home of The Fish Hopper Restaurant, Cannery Row location of the national book party release of "America And Americans."

Book table and book stack at the Fish Hopper, overlooking Monterey Bay

Prof. Susan Shillinglaw, San Jose State Uinversity Center for Stienbeck Studies.

Prof. Jack Benson, Calfiornia State University San Diego (retired), the "Offical Steinbeck Biographer (1984) for "The True Adventures of John Steinbeck, Writer"

Jack in thought.

Getting their dinner started at the Sardine Factory. Jack and Susan with ice swans.

Each were hosted overnight by the Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa.

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