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The Robert Lewis Exhibit of Cannery Row Photography 1957-1958
at 711 Cannery Row, upstairs in the 1918 Monterey Caninng Company warehouse.
Space made available by the Cannery Row Company.

The Cannery Row Foundation Gallery.

This historic exhibition presents Cannery Row in the depths of its disastrous fall from its claim as "Sardione Capital of the World" a decade earlier during World War II. The exhibit is titled "SITES AND CITIZENS" and presents old Ocean View Avenue's people and places at the time the street was renamed for John Steinbeck's book: Cannery Row.

109 dramatic 11" x 14" and 16" x 20" black and white photographs bring the real Cannery Row into stark and magnificent focus. The photographer, Robert Lewis, now resides in Annapolis, Maryland. He not only took the photos while attempting to become a commercical photo journalist, but kept them with him for over forty years before being "discovered" through a friend, Jesse Corsaut--sculptor of the Edward F. Ricketts Memorial statue on Cannery Row.

Robert Lewis not only photographed nearly six hundred images, of which 109 were juried for the collection's premier exhibit at the Maritime Museum of Monerey, but he also developed them over two years in his basement dark room (dubbed his "Pundgent Dungeon") in Annapolis. Robert , and his wife Eila were present at the Exhibit's Opening on December 15th, 2000. The collection ran as the main exhibit at the Stanton Center/Maritime Museum through 2001.

This project has been made possible by the gracious cooperation and generosity of Ilford Photo imaging products. The Hisotory Company and Robert Lewis wish to offer special thanks to Ms. Wendy Friant, Ilford's Monterey representative--without whose support this exhibit would not have been possible.

The origianl exhibit is sponsored by the renowned Sardine Factory Restuarant and the Cannery Row Company, in coopertation with the Maritime Museum of Monterey, The Cannery Row Foundation, and The History Company.

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On Extended Exhibit beyond September 20, 2001

The Bill Johnk Historic Model of


at the Maritime Museum of Monterey, #5 Custom House Plaza (Monterey Convention Center), Monterey.

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