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Until we have a chance to post an extensive list of Cannery Row history, John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts
related resources for researches, writers and students of these supjects, here are a few starting points for you.
Cannery Row   An Overview of Cannery Row history

    First cannery reported (Monterey New Era, March 1902) on New Monterey coastline,
                to become Cannery Row

    Polk Canner's Index (compiled list of Monterey canneries by Polk edition)

    1945 Fairchild aerial photo of Ocean View Avenue

    Portrait of "Young John Steinbeck, Writer" by Robert Edison (deceased)

    The Cannery Row Neighborhood of John Steinbeck's "Cannery Row"

John Steinbeck

       A Steinbeck Chronology from San Jose State Steinbeck Studies Center
          by Robert Harmon, Archivist.

Steinbeck articles bibliography from San Jose State Steinbeck Studies Center
by Katie Rodger.

The Case for "Cannery Row"
A literary assessment of "Cannery Row" based on Professor Jackson Benson's own words.

Ed Stephan    [Analysis of]  John Steinbeck's California Novels

San Jose State University    Center for Steinbeck Studies

"The Other Side of Eden" by John Steinbeck IV and Nancy Steinbeck
A Cannery Row Foundation review of this controversial autobiography of John Steinbeck's
younger son, completed by his widow, Nancy.

An excellent Steinbeck, Ricketts and Pacific Grove site by Esther Trosow

Edward F. Ricketts
"Breaking Through"

An Ed Ricketts Pacific Grove home on Lighthouse Avenue



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