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CONJUNCTION began with this photo of Edward F. Ricketts, from the Pat Hathaway Collection
in Monterey, California. It's Ed Ricketts, America's pioneering Ecologist—at a time when the word
and concept were unknown to us all.

He is kneeling in the kelp at the Point Wilson light at Port Townsend, Washington, in 1930!
The photo was taken by Jack Calvin (of Sitka, Alaska, fame), his co-author of "Between Pacific Tides" (1939).

EFR @ Port Townsend (Hathaway Collection)
                                                                                Pat Hathaway Collection photo

"Between Pacific Tides"—Ricketts' inter-tidal handbook—has been one of Stanford University's best selling titles of all time.
This iconic photo was taken by Jack Calvin a week after they had been at Comox, British Columbia.


Ed Ricketts, operating largely from the Hoodsport area on the Hood Canal, spent each spring of the 1930's honing 
his revolution in modern marine biology on the observation and collection of the wealth of organisms and collection
sites and conditions so abundant all around Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest.

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