Cannery Row Photo Album
Commercial use of images from this album are prohibited by copyright  - ©Robert Lewis/The History Co. 2001
Favorite photos from the Robert Lewis Cannery Row Photo Exhibit  1957-1958
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The Lewis Jury, Saturday, June 3, 2000 at the Maritime Museum of Monterey. Over 100 images were deemed critical to the body of the exhibit.

Left to right: Gary Russell (GMR Photographic), Michael Jaffe (national photographic expert), Michel Hemp (seated: The History Company -- not a jurist), Larry Tsuneo Oda (Community heritage leader), Ruth Meyerson-Gilbert (artist), and Richard Gadd (Exectuve Director, Monterey Museum of Art).

One of the "Sties and Citizens" exhibit graphics.

Another exhibit gem: Wes Dodge, with partners, bought all the old canneries they could, selling off the canning and reduction equipment in them for more than they paid for the properites. The basis for today's Cannery Row Company.

A back door view of the madam's quarters of the Marina Apartments annex to the Ocean View Hotel (across Cannery Row). Robert Lewis lived here in 1957-1958.

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