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WESTERN FLYER NEWS           “As it was, where it was”                Chronological

Danniel Berman photos for Seattle Weekly feature 032015

Aptos Times        031715

KPCC 89.3 Los Angeles PBS        030615    Unatrributed

Monterey County Weekly        030415    David Schmalz

Wide Open Spaces            030415    Matt Poe Port Townsend Leader    030415    Patrick Sullivan & Robin Dudley

Cedar Street Times             022815    (Pacific Grove)

Salinas Californian (Gannett)        022715    Dennis L. Taylor

Monterey County Weekly        022615    David Schmalz

STEINBECK NOW            022515    Will Ray

Peninsula Daily News            022515    NW            022415    NW

San Jose Mercury             022315    Dennis Taylor (Monterey Herald)

Monterey Herald (FP)            022015    Dennis Taylor

KSBW (NBC) Monterey        022115    Brynne Whittaker

KUOW.ORG (Seattle)        022315    NW

NW News Network            022315

Monterey Herald (P2)            022315    Dennis Taylor

Monterey Herald            022215    Dennis Taylor

* * *

The Bulletin, Bend, OR        082813    John Gillie / The News Tribune, Tacoma,

NW News Network (NPR)        080213    Tom Banse