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A Special Offer for Ed Ricketts, John Steinbeck
Cannery Row, "Western Flyer" and Pacific Northwest history fans:

1) If you are not yet aware of the paradigm-changing research activity
on Washington State's Hood Canal underway by The History Company
to expand and celebrate a whole range of new and little known events
that are heralding a new historical horizon of shared history between
Monterey and Cannery Row (
CA) and the maritime Pacific Northwest,
you are invited to observe, appreciate, and celebrate your participation
in joining the rare and exciting historical accomplishment underway
from Gig Harbor, Washington.

2) Revolutionary marine biologist Edward F. Ricketts, John Steinbeck's
closest friend, mentor, and "Doc" in Steinbeck's 1945 classic"Cannery Row"
—and a half-dozen major characters in his other literary works—introduced
Ecology with his 1939
"Between Pacific Tides"—a handbook to shorelines
of the Pacific Coast and one of the most successful books ever published
 by Stanford University Press. Much of its research and the formulation
 of his introduction of Ecology was the result of his 1930s trips to the
 maritime Pacific Northwest. Many spring-summers of the 1930s Ed operated
  based from Hoodsport, Washington, from a rental
cabin site now identified on
the spectacularly scenic Hood Canal—
a thousand miles from Cannery Row!

3) At this time, there is only one place to get a comprehensive overview
of this sea-change in West Coast history, science, and literature: the three
books offered by The History Company presented here by Cannery Row
historian Michael Hemp and Hood Canal historian, Michael Fredson.

All Books are signed by the author.
All books are shipped free by USPS Media Mail.

 "CANNERY ROW, The History of John Steinbeck's Old Ocean View Avenue
and It's Connections to the Pacific Northwest"

by Michael Kenneth Hemp

CR 4.0

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by Michael Fredson

Hood Canal
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Pixley, Orre Nobles & Waldo Chase"
By Michael Fredson

  Hood Canal Artists

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