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Presenting an Addendum to a paper by Michael Kenneth Hemp in

Calling Dr. Freud? Letter Explains
John Steinbeck's Short Story “The Snake”


A notable paper by Steven Federle at San Jose State University in 1977
shines an important light on how and why John Steinbeck chose
the Freudian influences in his "The Snake."

Included in the feature draft was Prof. Steven Federle's original (.pdf) paper,
which unfortunately did not make it through the edit. It is availble here,
in its original submission from the link above
— or in its (.pdf) contemporary format.

This significant bit of
additional background makes the structure and flavor
of John Steinbeck's short story from Pacific Biological Laboratories an even
more relevant, and of course, amazing!

Special thanks to Prof. Steven Federle for his cooperation in providing this rare contribution
 to the deeper understanding of a work by one of America's greatest authors