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Available at iTunes App Store & Google Play

Available at iTunes App Store & Google Play

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• Spectacular Area Photography • History with Archival Images •  Local Culture & Heritage •
• Major Attractions & Secret Destinations • Lodging • Dining • Parks & Recreation •
• Artists, Galleries & Boutiques • Shopping & Essential Services •
• Wineries & Wine Tasting Rooms • Events & Venues •
• Detailed Off-line Contour Maps •

Submitting information, photos and contacts for the Carmel & Carmel Valley travel app guide for iPhones & Smart Phones, iPads & Tablets:

    You may qualify for inclusion in the iTunes AppStore mobile app for Carmel & Carmel Valley (& Big Sur) by Michael Hemp and The History Company. There is no charge for this inclusion among the best travel destination services available to visitors to the Carmel, Carmel-By-The-Sea, Carmel Valley and Big Sur.  We are paid by sharing user purchse downloads at iTunes and Google Play. The Apps cost only $2.99 to purchase and download; periodic app updates are free for life of the app.

    In order to enhance your basic entry in the iTunes & Google Play app, we request your cooperation in providing us the best digital photography you have—or can obtain—of your business, and its products or services. Often, we will already have taken business location photos, but any high quality, high resolution digital images you may have could become part of your app entry. We can accept up to ten photos if they are of high enough quality to scale up to the iPad Retina and HD screen definitions (optimal image is 5 MB and laarger). This is a visually driven media: the better you look, the better the app will work for you.

Here is the checklist to get the most out of your app entry on iPhone, iPad and iPad screens:

1) Up to 100 words describing your business. Closer to 50 is better. This is not an ad, but an editorial profile on why a visitor should consider coming in to see you and your business. Tell them what makes you a standout at what you do. • Bullet points and phrases are acceptable. These travel apps are written in the first person.

2) High resolution digital photos or graphics files (5 mg or larger); please e-mail them to us in/saved as jpeg format. Your ad agency or webmaster will know what that means.

3) Wine Tasting Rooms, horse rentals, events, cover charges, etc: Tell us about any fees or costs involved (if they apply) in what you do.

4) Lodging: your lowest rack rate in applicable season, "From $...per night." You may include brief package pricing. Specify your Reservations phone number.

5) Hours of operation; days of the week you are closed. We can update this info seasonally.

6) Your website address and any important links to other resources you wish to include in your entry.

Deadline (for submission of entry materials) is ASAP. As soon as all submitted photography and data is processed, The Carmel & Carmel Valley App Travel Guide will be launched at the iTunes AppStore.

For a sample (screen shot) view of our 5-star Steinbeck's Cannery Row app go to the iTunes AppStore. The History Company's Carmel Valley app is designed in the same image-rich format.

E-Mail us for information or to send your photos and entry information.

Michael K. Hemp
iPhone • iPad app Developer
The History Company
(831) 659-2112
cel: (831) 236-2990