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Kenneth Hemp

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By 1906, the Western frontier has almost completely disappeared and wanted gunmen are a dead or hunted breed. An aging outlaw on the run from his violent past seeks sanctuary in Big Sur, a “Refuge for Settlers and Outlaws” on California’s wild central coast and is forced by fate to become the “last of the otter hunters”—only to be challenged by violence and hardship to a destiny as the only man able to save them from extinction by his own kind.

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David Schwarz
September 15th
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Another Reader-Rated 5-Star

     Si Sur!
     This book really nails old, or older Monterey and the canneries. Hemp's color of the Big Sur coast when it was wild, dangerous, and exciting is perfect, a real treat for us who knew Sur eighty years ago. A great read...

— By Philbrick Bowhay, October 2, 2011

* * *

     Loved the book. Big Sur during that time must have been a sight to see even though the otters were already almost extinct. Through the eyes of the author I felt like I could see the Big Sur in the early 1900s. What a beautiful place to see. I'd love to see this as a movie. Clint Eastwood would be perfect for this role.

— James Bridges, September 14, 2011

* * *

     I down loaded the "SUR, Legend of the Last Otter Hunter" as a Kindle e-book. The download was easy and very accurate. This e-book was a very interesting account of the daily lives of the turn of the century California west coast settlers. The book was fast paced and maintained my focus for a short cover to cover read. Through the author's descriptions, one could easily visualize the picturesque California coast just starting to become populated. Also, the book reveals the struggles and difficulties for the men and women trying to make a living, fishing and hunting along the undeveloped rocky California coast. There was definitely drama, stress, hardships, and adventure for the characters described in the book. The otters were almost hunted to extinction, but this story provided hope for both the main characters and the otters. There could easily be a movie made using the ideas in this adventure book. It has heroes, villains, romance, powerful sea creatures, sharp-shooters, and special weapons used to hunt the otters. The story-line reaches a peak for both the hunted (main character and the otters) and hunters. One keeps reading wanting to know who will survive. It is a good read!
— Brian Andresen
September 12, 2011

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