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Updated: May 12, 2020


Restoration progress on the Western Flyer at the Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op at
Port Townsend, Washington, has been temporarily interrupted due to the COVID-19 Stay-At-Home
requirements, but work will resume promptly when a safe pandemic re-opening is announced.
Chris Chase of the Western Flyer Foundation has released another in the YouTube series of
Western Flyer
restoration videos — Number 19! — that recaps some of the highlights of the
restoration progress videos to date. Treat yourself to a viewing of it on YouTube.
Or, better yet, subscribe to the videos to be kept up to date automatically.

red stern WF
                                                                                                                        Western Flyer Foundation photo
This image is from Episode 17 on YouTube.

The restoration process is a magnificent sight and a tribute to rare wooden boat shipwright
skills still alive in the Pacific Northwest. Be part of this major historic achievement; make a
donation at And if you can, make another donation to the restoration
of a historic vessel under restoration wherever you live.



The History Company and Cannery Row Foundation connections to the Western Flyer began with the
creation of the Cannery Row Foundation in Ed Ricketts' Lab in 1983. By 1984 the Cannery Row Foundation board
announced efforts to acquire and return the Western Flyer to Monterey as a working non-profit
historical and educational icon of Monterey and Cannery Row's sardine fishing and canning heyday.

        Herald re Western Flyer


The Great Cannery Row Reunion
(May 1983)
at the creation of
The Cannery Row Foundation

reunion news

"Coastings..." May 11, 1983


John Steinbeck's Birthday
(February 27, 1902 - December 20, 1968)

Monterey Herald, February 27, 1978

Kalisa at bust

The Queen of Cannery Row kept the Steinbeck & Ricketts
movement alive for decades before help arrived with her
annual "Cannery Row Steinbeck's Birthday Party" at Kalisa's
La Ida Cafe. Formation of the Cannery Row Foundation
was still 5 years away. More on this amazing woman
throughout this website.

Hope you had a wonderful Steinbeck's Birthday...
and sorry Kalisa's not there on the old Row to throw another
annual Steinbeck Birthday celebration upstairs in the
old La Ida Ida Cafe.
Some of you now know you were blessed to have been there
for one...or more.


Start your year with a new history of
Cannery Row and the
Pacific Northwest...

Cover actual size is 8.5" x 11"

foil cover 4.0

• The new silver foil stamped cover and trim of the expanded "CR 4.0"
• Cover design by Bridges Design Group, Los Angeles.

The Perfect New Years Gift for the Steinbeck, Ricketts, Cannery Row
and maritime Pacific Northwest history fans in your life.

$29.95 by PayPal (below) with free Priority Mail shipping.
Includes a free authentic 1940s sardine label as a bookmark.
Click Here for PayPal Payment Page • More purchase options below.


Speaking Engagements, News, and Events

AUGUST 1 - 2

Virtual 50-Year Anniversary Celebration of John Steinbeck''s 1945 "Cannery Row"...
Cannery Row historian, Steinbeck, and ricketts autjorityFeatured Speaker and Program Consultant: Steinbeck Festival 2020 at the National Steinbeck Center, Salinas, California.

Rescheduled as an interactive on-line STEINBECK FESTIVAL 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic.
More information coming soon.

Feb. 3


Cascade Club of Tacoma luncheon at the Tacoma Country Club, Lakeview.
"New Horizon for Pacific Northwest History" and Tacoma's role.
Feb. 20


Tacoma Yacht Club: Open to the Public—Admission Free. Cannery Row's Connection to the Hidden History of the Maritime Pacific Northwest, Ed Ricketts' development of Ecology in the PNW, John Steinbeck & the Western Flyer, "The Sea of Cortez," and historic Tacoma Waterfront as the "Birthplace of the Western Flyer."
Jan. 30

Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce Public Affairs Forum, at the Cottesmore, 2909 14th Avenue NW, Gig Harbor.
Jan. 26

HOOD CANAL'S NEW HISTORY at the Alderbrook Golf & Yacht Club, Union, WA. Open to the Public. Mason County Historical Society Lecture.

Alderbrook review
MCHS Newsletter event review.
Jan. 8

Gig Harbor Kiwanis International Chapter 34
at Harbor Place at Cottesmore, 1016 29th Street NW, Gig Harbor.
Dec. 10
"The New History of the Pacific Northwest" at the Weatherly Inn, Highlands Parkway, Tacoma. 1:30 – 3:00 PM. Tacoma Historical Society Lecture Series.
Sep. 27
Mason County Historical Society presentation aboard the cruise of the Hood Canal from the Alderbrook Lodge at Union to Hoodsport, WA, and return aboard the "Lady Alderbrook."
Sep. 17
Fiero Marine Life Center and NOAA Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary Speakers Series: John Wayne Marina, Sequim, WA. 6:00 to 7:30 PM followed by a "Meet the Author"and booksigning.
Sep. 9

Tacoma Historical Society Lecture Series:  University of Puget Sound, Tacoma. Murray Boardroom, Wheelock Center. 7 to 9 PM, with book signing. Free Admission.
Aug. 13
SEA Discovery Center (Poulsbo, Washington) of Western Washington University • speaking engagement 6-7 PM. Free. Archival PowerPoint premier of "Cannery Row 4.0"
• Announcing the publication of the expanded "CANNERY ROW, The History of Old Ocean View Avenue and Its Connections to the Pacific Northwest"

"Cannery Row 4.0" enters distribution; Special Offer direct orders; Click Here for CR 4.0 features and prices and for archival photo Power Point speaking engagements,


• The Spanish fish-packing history of what became Ed Ricketts' Lab, Pacific Biological Laboratories (by Robin Aeschliman)


• The newest Western Flyer Foundation ( YouTube
video of restoration of the Western Flyer by the Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op, Port Townsend, Washington.

E-mail or call (831) 236-2990 to book an Archival PowerPoint Speaking Engagement.


Cannery Row and Pacific Northwest History just got a lot bigger!

cr 4

Expanded Fourth Edition of Cannery Row's history book ("CR 4.0")

Incorporating current Pacific Northwest research on
Ed Ricketts and his 1930s and 1940s expeditions
to Puget Sound, northern shores of Washington,
the Strait of Jaun de Fuca, Vancouver Island, and
the 1932 voyage of the "Grampus" from Tacoma
to Sitka and Juneau, Alaska—in Ricketts' pursuit
of the research, observation, and collection of
marine biological specimens in his
 of his
pioneering vision and introduction of
today's ECOLOGY.

"But There's More!"

Included is original research on
the Western Flyer,
built in 1937 by Western Boat Building on
Tacoma Washington's waterfront and the rise of
this vessel to world-fame for her role in the 1940 voyage
to Mexico's Gulf of California, and the co-authored

"Sea of Cortez

A Leisurely Journal of Travel and Research"

Sea of Cortez

(Published in 1941; Steinbeck's only co-authored work)

"As well as..."

The little known inter-relationship of the largely Croatian
Pacific Northwest fishing boat industry's production of
customized purse-seine fishing boats for Monterey's
predominantly Sicilian sardine fishing fleet, in a new
appreciation of yet another inter-cultural dimension
connecting Monterey-Cannery Row with the historic
Pacific Northwest.

Look for Cannery Row's familiar red history book
full of outstanding archival photographs from the
Pat Hathaway Collection in the expanded Fourth Edition
— easily identified by its new silver accented red cover.

A look at some pages in CR 4.0

canneries Cal-Pac line
                & Ed
part 2
Western Flyer

With restored and enhanced archival photography from the Pat Hathaway Collection

"There is no other book like this"

Nowhere else is this on-going research and that of colleagues available
and integrated with the shared history, literature, maritime, and
ecological legacies of Monterey-Cannery Row and the
historic Pacific Northwest: a whole new tide pool!


Available direct from The History Company
(Tax, Media Mail, shipping & handling included!)

By check to The History Company
P.O. Box 31, Wauna, WA 98395

Priority Mail shipping & handling included!)


PayPal logo
secure PayPal credit card payment
click here for the PayPal Payment Page

In stock at

Or get yours—and for gifts—on the Monterey Peninsula at:

Cannery Row: the Wing Chong Market and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Bookstore
Pacific Grove: Bookworks
Salinas: The Best Cellar at the Steinbeck House — and the National Steinbeck Center

or ask for it a your local bookstore!


And proud to be in-room for Cannery Row guests at

The Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa
The Spindrift Inn
The Monterey Bay Inn
The Victorian Inn


Announcing one of the new special features of the
new, expanded Cannery Row 4.0

"The La Esperanza Packing Company"

Robin Aeschliman's brilliant research on how her grandparent's
partnership in an ill-fated Spanish fish packing venture at
740 Ocean View Avenue resulted in the location of Ed Ricketts'
historic Pacific Biological Laboratories.

Click Here


If you haven't already seen this, you should.
From our compatriots at the Western Flyer Foundation:

wf banner

Click below for an introduction to the Ed Ricketts connection to:
John Steinbeck
Cannery Row
The Western Flyer
The Sea of Cortez
The Log from the Sea of Cortez

A ten minute video you should know before you need to...
click here

And click here for the current YouTube progress video of
the restoration in progress on the Western Flyer
at the Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op
in Port Townsend, Washington.


A Note from the back-logged in-box...

Once in a while research involves discoveries of amazing treats for the eye.
Taking a research break and getting to sort, file, staple, fold and mutilate
all the assorted missives in the in-box I can't help but show you this:

To say Robbie Beherens is incredibly artistic is to so understate so.
Let your eyes speak: this is not only art, it is art with Ed Ricketts in every blink.
I needed to share this with all of the "Ed Heads" out there who know about Ed.
Newcomers may find it reason enough to look into why Ed is such a big deal
with his fans from Steinbeck, fans of very his own, marine biologists, and
his collegial researchers whether on Cannery Row, the Sea of Cortez...
or the Pacific Northwest.

"For Robbie who knows why or should"

behrens cover

behrens inside

"And now back to our previous presentation in progress..."


Thanks to everyone for the great turnouts at both

Center For Wooden boats in Seattle
who graciously provided overnight accommodations
on the historic 1909 MV Lotus

MV Lotus

and the Tacoma Yacht Club
which had a surprising number of Californians and Steinbeck fans,
even some that knew a bit about Ed Ricketts and the Western Flyer.
They all know a lot  more now.


February 15th, 2019

by Michael Kenneth Hemp:

                          winter WF

"Winter at the Western Flyer, Port Townsend" photo by Peter Hemp

"Ed Ricketts in the Pacific Northwest and
the Saga of the Western Flyer"

at the

Wagner Educational Forum
at the Center For Wooden Boats, Seattle
Free Admission • Donations Appreciated

Friday, February 15th, 7:00 to 9:00 PM
Click Here for information.

Center fort Wooden Boats Lake union aerial
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        South Lake Union Community Council photo


February 21st, 2019

The Tacoma Yacht Club
5401 Yacht Club Road, Tacoma, WA

Open free for the pubic to attend

Thursday, February 21st, 7:00 to 9:00 PM
Click Here for information.

TYC Aerial
              Tacoma Yacht Club photo


News from the Waterfront!

Working Group is being formed.

An ad hoc group of historians, archivists, heritage organizations,
community groups, and historically invested businesses are joining
together to assure the identification, and where possible, preservation
of the histroic character and critical remaining Tacoma maritime and
industrial waterfront sites as a vibrant heritage destination for South Sound
locals and the regional, national, and international travel industry.

On February 30th, 2019, this effort took its first step at the Foss Waterway
Seaport at an inaugural meeting in the Foss Waterway Seaport's Boat Shop
of a notable collection of Tacoma's dedicated historical
and cultural enhtusiasts,
and heritage destination commercial leaders.

Attending (left to right): Brendan Balaam, Michael Sullivan, Allen Petrich, Andy Kuljis,
Ron Karabaich, Bill Baarsma, Lowell Anderson, Dale Wirsing, Michael Hemp,
 Norman Gollub, Mike Leach, Clare Petrich,
Kathleen Brooker (obscured);
photo by Wesley Wenhardt.

HTW meeting
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Wesley Wenhardt photo
Parties interested in joining this odyssey please contact
 Michael Hemp (The History Company) at (831) 236-2990

Please see "New Horizons in Pacific Northwest History (below)
for a Prospectus.

                      from street
                                                                                                                                                                               MK Hemp photo
Meeting facility courtesy of Foss Watwerway Seaport


BBC on Cannery Row

1987 BBC on Cannery Row features:
Steven Webster, Monterey Bay Aquarium,
Susan Shillinglaw, Center for Steinbeck Studies, San Jose Sate University,

Cannery Row historian, Michael Kenneth Hemp,
Frank Wright, Cannery Row Foundation and friend of Ed Ricketts,
and Katie Rodger, Ed Ricketts biographer, U.C. Davis.

This 1987 BBC report from Cannery Row by Howard Stableford
paints an excellent sketch of pioneer marine biologist Edward F. Ricketts,
John Steinbeck's closest friend and mentor—and six major figures
in Steinbeck fiction...

Click Here for The BBC on Cannery Row (27 minutes)



A Prospectus with new historical research that augments
Pacific Northwest history in a number of significant ways.

• Pacific Northwest
sites of ecological research by Edward F. Ricketts
• The new role of John Steinbeck in Pacific Northwest history
• Pacific Northwest Croatian boat-building and Monterey's Sicilian fleet

• The Steinbeck-Ricketts "Sea of Cortez" and Western Flyer legacies
 • Historic Tacoma Waterfront Path of History & Birthplace of the Western Flyer
• Tacoma, Foss Waterway Seaport, and the Western Flyer's navigational artifacts

Click here for a Prospectus .pdf

An archival photographic PowerPoint presentation is available for presentation for
 historical organizations, educational institutions, civic clubs and fraternal chapters.

Simply contact Michael Kenneth Hemp
for details or to book a presentation.


Many thanks to the attendees at the Shelton, WA premier of the
"New Horizons for Pacific Northwest History" project
at the Mason County Historical Society and Museum
and the exciting advances in our research enabled by the
Shelton-Hood Canal community's living memory and historical
knowledge of the 1930s in and around the Hood Canal.

Special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Stan Graham, and
Museum researcher, Shirley Erhart, for crucial contributions
emerging from this premier presentation at Shelton
to the on-going research base for this ambitious project.

Hood Canal research underway on the "Horizons" project is now firmly
established and a new level of networking and referral of research leads
and contacts have significantly materialized to advance and refine research.

"Thank You" to Shelton's Mason County Historical Society and Museum
and its members for contributing a significance advance in our research.

                                                                        —Michael Kenneth Hemp


On Saturday, September 29th, 2018 • The History Company, in association with the
Mason County Historical Society Museum in Shelton, Washington, presents:

“New Horizons for Pacific Northwest History”—A New Role in Ecology

An archival PowerPoint lecture by historian Michael Kenneth Hemp

Announcing Hood Canal’s role in a new horizon of Pacific Northwest pride

EFR in kelp 

Edward F. Ricketts at Port Townsend, Washington, June 1930. Jack Calvin photo, co-author of “Between Pacific Tides” (Pat Hathaway Collection)


In June 1930, Monterey marine biologist Ed Ricketts was photographed in the kelp bed at Port Townsend, Washington, by Jack Calvin–his co-author of “Between Pacific Tides” (1939). That photograph only recently opened the door to the realization that this revolutionary naturalist that brought Ecology into mainstream awareness had traveled extensively throughout the shoreline Pacific Northwest in the 1930s researching and developing that essential concept. Come learn where, why, and how the Pacific Northwest came to have a major role in Ecology.


WHERE:              Shelton’s Mason County Historical Society Museum 

                            427 W. Railroad Avenue, Shelton WA 98584 • Phone (360) 426-1020 For info.



WHEN:                2:00 PM, Saturday, September 29th, 2018. Followed with a book signing and a                                                             community research round table to help collect data for historical designations.


WHO:                  Michael Kenneth Hemp • Cannery Row, Monterey’s historian has relocated to Gig Harbor to                                   research and memorialize this new horizon in Pacific Northwest history. More background at

                   (831) 236-2990.

For more information click here for "CONJUNCTION"



The History Company is extremely honored to represent two exclusive world-class historical
artifact affiliation and ownership opportunities with origins involving major Cannery Row historical
figures and events: one as naming donor for the acquisition of the Fry Collection of Western Flyer
Navigational Artifacts
(from the 1940 voyage to the Sea of Cortez by John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts)
for preservation and permanent public exhibition—in posterity—at either Monterey, California,"Home Port"
of the world-famous Western Flyer, or at the Foss Waterway Seaport on Tacoma, Washington's
historic waterfront—birthplace of the Western Flyer at Western Boat Building Company in May 1937.

WF pfctiny & berrywheel rearbridge compass
deck house compassshifterCortez
Please call or e-mail for detailed provenance and professional maritime appraisal.
Auction reserve (if it reaches auction): $68,704.00. Put your name on this perpetual exhibit now,

 at the Western Flyer's home port of Monterey, or her birthplace on the Foss Waterway Seaport
in Tacoma, Washington.

Enshrine your name, family, organization, educational institution, or business
in Posterity by becoming the Naming Donor for the perpetual preservation and exhibition of these
priceless navigational artifacts of the world-famous Western Flyer.

Exclusive Representative: Michael Kenneth Hemp
The History Company
(831) 236-2990


This item has been auctioned and is no longer available.

Also on offer
 is an immeasurable personal opportunity to possess one of the most iconic Old Cannery Row
artifacts ever available for personal acquisition: the "Desk that Helped Make Cannery Row Famous"
(two-sided facing) partners desk of Knut Hovden, the "King of Cannery Row." It was the
Norwegian-born Hovden, who with fisheries experience from Norway and an inventor's talent that
solved many of the mechanical impediments of the smooth flow of fish through the canning process in
 Monterey's burgeoning industry of catching and canning one of the world's major natural resources...
From before World War I, Hovden led the rise of Monterey to become the "Sardine Capital of the World"
in decades of astute, innovative, and profitable business investment and profit. It was from the desk on offer
that Knut Hovden ruled the last decades of Ocean View Avenue (Monterey's "Cannery Row") as its King.
It is at this
same desk that the New Kings of Cannery Row—Ted Balestreri and Bert Cutino—helped propel
fine dining into the American consciousness when opening the world-famous Sardine Factory Restaurant
on John Steinbeck's Cannery Row in 1968.  In 1972 Clint Eastwood filmed scenes from the
Sardine Factory in  his iconic "Play Misty For Me"...

HovdenDamewoodDesk 5
desk sideSteinbeck Neighborhood
Click here for a 3-D view of this magnificent piece of history and art.
Offered at $15,000.00  •  Serious Inquiries Only, Please.

Call or e-mail for additional information and for contact with the owner of this
exclusive, functional, spectacular piece of the History of John Steinbeck's Cannery Row.

Owner's Representative: Michael Kenneth Hemp
The History Company
(831) 236-2990


Michael Kenneth Hemp's next pubic Speaking Engagement 
will be presented 
on May 17th • 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the

Harbor History Museum

Followed by "Meet The Author" & Book Signing at

4121 Harbor View Drive • Gig Harbor, Washington

Information call: (253) 858-6722  •

Harbor History Musuem

Followed by "Meet The Author" & Book Signing

Book 2.75

Information at • (253) 858-6722



Michael Kenneth Hemp made his his Pacific Northwest "Conjunction" lecture premier
at Tacoma Washington's
spectacular waterfront Foss Waterway Seaport Maritime Museum
on Saturday, March 3, 2018.

Foss Banner

Foss at

Some of the event in the media:

Hemp @ Foss

sardine bug


Cannery Row and the Pacific Northwest

Gig Harbor

Cannery Row, the historic Pacific Northwest, Steinbeck & Ricketts,
the Sea of Cortez, and the saga of
the Western Flyer.




WF (Shaffer)


WWII Big Band Jazz
"The Music that Helped
Save the World..."


Click here to listen
to a mission. Over...

The Nadjik Pheromone

End of
                  Lies cover

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Works of Fiction and Historical Fiction

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"END of LIES, The Nadjik Pheromone"
"End Of Lies" blog  / Bombardier's Lounge WWII Big Band Jazz
"SUR: Legend of The Last Otter Hunter"
  /  The Cannery Row Foundation and its "Western Flyer" Newsletter
"CANNERY ROW, The History of John Steinbeck's Old Ocean View Avenue"

P.O. Box 31 • 
Gig Harbor (Wauna) WA 98395 • (831) 236-2990


The History Company announces
Major New Pacific Northwest Connections
presented by historian Michael Kenneth Hemp
coming to venues near you.


Drawing together Cannery Row, Monterey, Puget Sound, the Pacific Northwest expeditions of Ed Ricketts,
John Steinbeck through his charter of the Tacoma-built Western Flyer to the Sea of Cortez
with Ed Ricketts in 1940, the saga of the rescue of the Western Flyer, her
by Washington's Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op, and her ultimate mission as
a voyaging classroom for inspiring youth into the marine sciences.

And: cultural travel and tourism between John Steinbeck's California
(and the rest of the world) to the Pacific Northwest to take it all in.

Open to the Public free with paid Museum admission.
Become a Member now: Foss Waterway Seaport will be the major
base of operations for this history-making project. Be part of it.
Foss Waterway Seaport Maritime Museum:

* * *

A message from Michael Hemp
I regret to inform you of the passing of two important friends with roots in Cannery Row.


It is with great regret we inform you that Ed Ricketts, Jr. – son of Edward F. Ricketts –passed away
 on December 2nd, 2017. His contributions to the historical, scientific and personal legacy of his father
have been essential to world-wide Ricketts and Steinbeck fans. More details and photos come soon
in a continuing Memorial to Ed Ricketts Jr. posted here and on
                                                                                                                                                       –MK Hemp

Hemp w Ed
Kohrs and EFR cards
Michael Hemp with Ed Ricketts Jr. at Ed's home on January 10, 2016.
A contingent of colleagues (Hemp, Andy Case, and Don Kohrs)
drove up from Monterey to see Ed Jr. and brought lunch from his
favorite local Indian restaurant. And a bigger surprise: 2 old card-files.
Don Kohrs, Hopkins Marine Station librarian, inspects index card files of
Ed Ricketts' world-wide contacts missing since the 1936 fire that destroyed
Ricketts' lab on Cannery Row–obtained through the Cannery Row Foundation
by historian Michael Hemp. Who knew exactly were to have them evaluated.

* * *


Friend and Cannery Row colleague, Andy Case, passed away on October 22nd, 2017. This kind and gentle
man who loved Cannery Row and became a close friend and confidant of both Ed Ricketts Jr. and Nancy Ricketts
of Sitka, Alaska, will be deeply missed. He stepped onto Cannery Row to work at the Monterey Bay Aquarium as
an aquarium technician, fell in love with old Cannery Row, and became part of keeping the Ed Ricketts legacy
alive and growing. Andy was preparing to relocate to Japan to join his wife and son when he passed away.
Insiders will know how very much he will be missed.

                                                                                                                                                MK Hemp

Andy Case driving to
Japan arrivals
Andy Case, driving the Cannery Row contingent 
to Mill Valley, north of San Francisco, to present 
Ed Jr. with his father's lost Pacific Biological 
Laboratories business contact cards with 
addresses from literally All Over The World,
missing since the Lab's 1936 fire.
Andy was a regular visitor to Japan as part of the aquaria business he built after his
years at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. When Andy married his lovely Japanese
wife, Mikuyo, he promised he would move to Japan in 15 years. Andy, Mikuyo, and
son Taiki lived in Carmel Valley, where Mikuyo worked in the wine business.
Andy was preparing to make the personal and professional move when
he became ill and passed away.

* * *

The History Company previewed its new "CONJUNCTION" message on a speaking tour – October 15th
to 27th, 2017 – to the historic Monterey Peninsula, California: Moss Landing, Monterey, Cannery Row,

and Pebble Beach. The trip included presentations at the Cannery Row Foundation's
exclusive tours of Pacific Biological Laboratories (the Doc's lab of John Steinbeck's
world-famous 1945 "Cannery Row") on Saturday, October 18th, 2017.

The CONJUNCTION is getting started. Keep an eye on where it goes from here.
Look for The History Company's Michael Kenneth Hemp in the coming months at the
Foss Seaport Waterway Maritime Museum – the pride of Tacoma's historic waterfront.

The History Company is now relocated in
Gig Harbor, Washington...

                      Harbor aerial
                                                                                                                    Jay Ditty/Sky Shot Air Photo research, record, and establish


The Emerging Connection of Cannery Row,
the historic Pacific Northwest,
John Steinbeck & Ed Ricketts,
the Sea of Cortez,
and the Saga of the Western Flyer"

...opening up a vast, exciting new relationship between
the Pacific Northwest and Monterey's Cannery Row:
the last frontier of research of a shared but little known
historic, maritime, literary and ecological legacy.

Since 1983, The History Company has been a major source
of historical research on author John Steinbeck's
"Cannery Row" literature
and the ecological fame of
America's pioneering marine biologist, Ed Ricketts.

Historian Michael Kenneth Hemp now turns his focus to
Pacific Northwest historical research, exploration,
and celebration of the emerging discoveries that
connect us in many unexpected and meaningful ways.

The History Company is eager to share this new era
of West Coast history, literature, ecology, and travel
in Speaking Engagements and at Special Events
from the Pacific Northwest to the Sea of Cortez.

Click here for a printable pdf.

For presentation information and available speaking engagement dates,
please contact The History Company at:

or call: (831) 236-2990

* * *

Construction is underway on the relocation
of The History Company to the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you for your patience.

October 2016


Benefit for Monterey Public Library

books art

See you there!

* * *


From the Archives

The "La Esperanza Packing Company"
Today known as Pacific Biological Laboratories!
A crucial historical research project
Robin Rodriguez Aeschliman (2015)

Click Here

* * *

 From the Archives

Pacific Biological Laboratories —"Doc's Lab"—tour video
by Wayne Marien (Victory Video • January 31, 2012 celebrating
Kalisa Moore, "Queen of Cannery Row"

for the Cannery Row Foundation featuring
Cannery Row Historian Michael Hemp and
friend of Ed Ricketts and Lab owner Frank Wright on


* * *

Be sure to check out the individual video segments of the
being uploaded continuously as edited by Wave Street Studios on You Tube
on themes and topics on the cutting edge of Cannery Row historical research:

Dennis Fry, skipper of the (Western Flyer) re-named Gemini in the late 1970s, Homer Alaska

John Greg, marine geologist who rescued and is restoring the Western Flyer as a sea-going classroom for kids

Don Kohrs, Librarian, Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station
Miller Library
("The hottest Ed Ricketts researcher on the planet!" —quote: M.K. Hemp)

(7 more segments to come)

* * *

Thanks to all who made the Ed Ricketts Early Birthday LAB TOURS
May 7th, another magical day in Pacific Biological Laboratories!

PBL Sunny

* * *

From the Archives:

Raw edit video of the Cannery Row Foundation's "Great Cannery Row Reunion
(all that has survived) from May 13-15 1983:
Opening Ceremonies at the Monterey Conference Center with
• Michael Hemp, founding Executive Director of the Cannery Row Foundation
• Max Tadlock (CRF President & President of Monterey Peninsula College)
• Congressman Leon Panetta • Professor Richard Astro (Keynote Speaker)
With scenes from the Opening Ceremonies, Reunion Dinner Dance at the
Outrigger Restaurant on Cannery Row, and the Great Cannery Row Fire Muster

Click Here


* * *

Cannery Row, Steinbeck, Ricketts, and Western Flyer Fans:
Take a look at the website for the restoration of the Western Flyer:

* * *

Thanks to all you

"Ed Heads"
that made the last Cannery Row Foundation Lab Tours of 2015
another great success. Next scheduled tour will be for
the Cannery Row Foundation's annual John Steinbeck's Birthday
scheduled for Saturday, February 27, 2016.

Make your reservations at:

* * *

Stand By for News and Photos of the Western Flyer at the Wooden Boat Festival at Port Townsend, Washington September 11-13, 2015.
"The World's Largest Wooden Boat Festival"
* * *

A Look at The CANNERY ROW SYMPOSIUM 2015's Program
(which introduced the Western Flyer story to the public)
A production for the Cannery Row Foundation by The History Company

front cover
back cover

• Betty Astro and Michael Hemp with rockstar Steinbeck & Ricketts scholar, Richard Astro
Prof. Astro was also Keynote Speaker at the formation event of the Cannery Row Foundation,

Betty Astro, MKH, Richard Astro

• CANNERY ROW SYMPOSIUM Presenter, Historian & CRF Board Member, Bob Enea
introducing John Gregg (Left) owner of the Western Flyer, and (right) his brother & Project Director, Andy Gregg.

            intro by Enea

Video segments of the historic CANNERY ROW SYMPOSIUM's exceptional presentations will be
produced and shared as sponsorships for the event's video segment production costs for are obtained.

For information or to make a segment production donation, contact Michael Hemp at

* * *

June 2015
The Western Flyer is now indoors at the
Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op
Port Townsend, Washington

Photos courtesy Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op

Co-op group
back up
going in
stern first
al in

The Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op will be home for the Western Flyer during restoration for the next 18 months or so.

* * *

The first video segment produced from the February 21, 2015
Cannery Row Foundation

at Stanford's historic Hopkins Marine Station
• A production of The History Company
• Video post-production by
Your Sanctuary TV, Monterey

This is the Surprise Official Announcement of the
purchase and restoration of the endangered historic
Western Flyer from John Steinbeck & Ed Ricketts'
1940 voyage to
Baja California's Sea of Cortez.

Michael Hemp, President of the Cannery Row Foundation,
introduces historian Bob Enea who in turn announces
John and Andy Gregg, new owners of the historic Western Flyer

Now on YouTube...pass it along!

Western Flyer tacoma
At her 1937 Tacoma launch at Western Boat Builders
More to come...

* * *

Thanks to all who joined us on
Saturday, May 16th for this year's
annual Cannery Row Foundation
celebrating the voyage to the

The whole story is in both the original 1941 "SEA OF CORTEZ" co-authored
with Edward F. by Viking in 1951 without its
scientific half as the "Log From the Sea of Cortez" by John Steinbeck.

Sea of Cortez
 Co-authored 1941 publication
1951 "Log" by John Steinbeck

* * *

May 7th:
 Kevin Bailey presented his new book

Bailey book

at the National Steinbeck Center • One Main Street, Oldtown Salinas.
He drew upon the Steinbeck archives, interviews with family members of crew,
and more than three decades of working in Pacific Northwest fisheries to trace the
depletion of marine life through the voyages of a single ship: the Western Flyer.

* * *

YouTube video of the Western Flyer
At Port Townsend, Washington boat yard
awaiting restoration by Southern California
marine geologist, John Gregg.

Click here for Western Flyer News

* * *
Thank you, Cannery Row fans!

Another great John Steinbeck's Birthday
Tours of

Pacific Biological Laboratories
Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Pbl Sunny
SATURDAY, May 16TH, 2015

* * *

Just In!
Steinbeck Now
click here for its feature on

a smash hit with rockstar Steinbeck scholars,
historians, documentary films and

exciting new Ed Ricketts research
and an official announcement of the change in
ownership of the Western Flyer (from the Sea of Cortez)
for a full restoration as a working classroom
on Monterey Bay.

crf line break

In Association with THE HISTORY COMPANY

Presented a

At the Hopkins Marine Station "Monterey Boat Works" Auditorium
9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday, February 21st, 2015
Open to the Public • $25 per person admission

Featuring historic, literary, and ecological presentations:


Prof. Richard Astro, Drexel University ("John Steinbeck and Edward F. Ricketts: The Shaping of a Novelist")

Robert Enea (Monterey Fishing Industry and Steinbeck in the Sea of Cortez)

Special Announcement

Michael K. Hemp ("Cannery Row: The Industrial Stage for John Steinbeck's Cannery Row Fiction")

From Paris, France, Ms. Eva Lothar (
Classic 1972 Documentary film, "Street of the Sardine")


You are invited to bring your own "Brown Bag" or (by a special arrangement with Hopkins Marine Station)

Kuki's Gourmet Food Truck for an economical special menu for the Symposium event!


Steven Federle, Solano College (The Making of John Steinbeck's Short Story "The Snake")

Don Kohrs, Hopkins Marine Station Librarian and Edward F. Ricketts Researcher
("Ed Ricketts: The Publishing of Between Pacific Tides First Edition (1939)"

Steve and Mary Albert Pacific Grove Filmmakers ("The Great Tide Pool") Film

Prof. Susan Shillinglaw, San Jose Statue University
("Layered Fiction and Deep Ecology: John, Ed, Carol and The Grapes of Wrath")

an informal reception at

The "Steinbeck: The Art of Fiction" exhibit gallery
2nd Floor of the American Tin Cannery (across the street from Hopkins Marine Station)

(Benjamin Brode, artist and co-creator with Thomas Steinbeck of their new book, presents a reading of
"In Search of the Dark Watchers") •

Full Details at


See Michael Hemp's entry in
Calling Dr. Freud? Letter Explains
John Steinbeck’s Short Story “The Snake”

With an addendum: an important paper
by Steven Federle, San Jose State 1977
from Steinbeck's journal in which he wrote
the short story and comments as to its origins
and development—which did not make the
STEINBECK NOW edit—but are a very
important contribution to the new understanding
of Steinbeck's "THE SNAKE."

 * * *

New! .75
Random images weekly of Cannery Row past...

CR Park in Herald 1986


(2010 & 2014)

* * *


Announcing our new dust jacket for
"END OF LIES: The Nadjik Pheromone"
An 5-star

"END of LIES, The Nadjik Pheromone, biochemical lie detection" has a spectacular new dust jacket—by Tyrrell Creative, Atlanta, Georgia—that now wraps first edition hard covers.

Click the cover above for an audio treatment by Sky of TransZenDance

Book One

END of LIES cover

Here's a look at the entire dust-jacket:
a summary of the story line, and quotes from two
major experts in GC-MS biochemestry about
the potential for forensic breath analysis
Lie Detection...

Here are reader reviews,

and here's how to order.

Click here for a video interview of The Nadjik Pheromone with Michael Hemp,
host of Wave Street Authors Series web TV and guest character Tom Morjig—
who inspired the hypothesis for GC-MS forensic breath analysis lie detection.


The Fully re-PhotoShopped Third Printing of the Third Edition of our
"CANNERY ROW, The History of John Steinbeck's Old Ocean View Avenue" is here!


The silver trim indicates it's the new 3rd printing

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The History Company
P.O. Box 31
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Thanks to all who made this event such a great success!

Elgie event

dodge & leutzinger

Wes Dodge and George Leutzinger's old Cannery Row

Elgie Kalisa's

An Informal Bio for those interested in "Photography & Friends"
Click for a page view

At about age ten, in Albany, NY, I bought a camera for about two bucks at the drugstore.  It came with a roll of film.  Very soon came the problem of what to do then.  A friend showed me how to develop film and make contact (same size) prints and my dad helped to make a closet darkroom.  He dipped a small light bulb in red paint to make a safelight. I was a shy dorky kid and the camera became a passport of sorts. A saintly maiden aunt whom we visited annually let me play with her fine German Rolliecord camera, a twin lens reflex with a ground glass screen.  I became hooked on the pictures that could be framed on it's screen.  In late teens I inherited that camera and continued to work at it. 
During the late fifties I was a Cold Warrior in Germany and fell in with a German photographer who became my mentor.  Germany was still the out-front leader in technical photography in those days and when I got back to the states in 1961 I realized that I had quite a leg up when it came to small camera work.  While at the Language School in 1958, I'd met Frank Wright and David Walton and after the Air Force I came back to help David open what was to become The Palace.

I launched myself as a photographer a few years later, at first shooting overflow weddings for Steve Crouch and working out of home in Monte Vista with wife Myrna and family.  In about 1963  I took one room upstairs in the Bear Flag Building for a lab.   I was between a one-man fm radio station and Jay Chapin, the taylor.  In about 1965 I opened gallery and lab space on the street across from Neil DeVaughn's restaurant and in 1967 or thereabouts I took 3000 sq feet, roughly one quarter of the building, on the second floor of the Monterey Canning Company as lab-gallery-living space. The rent was $75.00 a month. No water, electricity or heat.  As the Row blossomed with refugees from Haight/Ashbury, that became the place that we all remember with such nostalgia.  Soon after I left in 1970, the building itself sold for a million bucks and the flowering of the row was over. 

That  few year's was also the period when I peaked as a photographer.   One the one hand, automatic photography was coming on strong and, on the Row, it just wasn't as much fun after the wildly painted school busses pulled out, the hippy cafes closed and the last of the squatters were rousted from under The Wave Street Hilton. 

During, roughly, a decade of high activity as a photographer, my work was about evenly divided between small camera portraiture in the Monterey area and in journalistic-style illustrations for corporate publications and advertising.  The best of the portrait work was done for love - though lots of it was commissioned - but the corporate work kept the pot boiling and some of that was pretty good, too.  I guess that I managed to get a pretty fair sample of the artists and writers of that time and place but there were many whom I missed.  Seeing ones work on Barbie doll boxes counts in a different way.

When it was all over, no one was more surprised than I to find that my whole passion for photography had just faded away as well.  I bounced around for a year or two and then, on the very last gasp of my G.I. Bill,  went to graduate school in Portland and into psychology as therapist, later as evaluator in the criminal courts, and still later as a builder of cruising houseboats.  For nearly all of the next twenty years I lived on boats in Olympia. 

Wendy and I made our first trip to Alaska in 1995 and were smitten from the first.  We swapped the first old wooden sailboat for a larger old wooden sailboat and came back in 1997 to be caretakers of a remote fishing lodge.  In 2000 we swapped the big old wooden sailboat for an even bigger old wooden power boat and came up to Tenakee Springs.  Tenakee is a very old coastal community of less than 100 people: no road, no cars, no cell phone - though we did get slow inter-net a few years ago.  I build and mess about with small boats and I write articles about life in the bush for the Capitol City Weekly in Juneau.

So, there.

Coming Soon: a look at the event.


wf at pt

The Saddest and Latest news on the "Western Flyer"
(January 14, 2014) and much more by scrolling down below...

* * *

Update on The Western Flyer
Peninsula Daily News (Washington)
Courtesty Herb Behrens, December 2, 2013

* * *

The Latest News on the Western Flyer:

Monterey County Herald, October 10, 2013


On behalf of the Cannery Row Foundation, we wish to thank
those visitors to Ed Rickett's Pacific Biological Laboratory on October 26th.

It was the last of scheduled Doc's Lab Tours for 2013.

We  hope to see you in January for our first tours of 2014,
celebrating Kalisa Moore (1926-2009) "The Queen of Cannery Row."
Get on our mailing list—if you're not already—so The History Company can alert you
to the opening of reservations for the Cannery Row Foundation's first Lab Tours of 2014!
e-mail us at to join the data base.

Ed Rickett's Lab • Pacific Biological Laboratories
Lab sunny (Hemp)

800 Cannery Row, Monterey CA


Thanks for a great night in Aptos!
Aptos History Musuem
Pajaro Valley Historical Association
Aptos Grange

Aptos flyer

* * *

A Musuem of Monterey
"100 Stories" Interview (YouTube)

by historian Michael K. Hemp

* * *

From the Monterey County Herald. October 10, 2013

* * *

Course in progress!

The History Company, in association with
Osher Institute at California State University Monterey Bay,
presents a three-class course by adjunct lecturer Michael Kenneth Hemp:

Sardine Capital of the World"
Tuesdays 10 AM to 12 PM
September 26 • October 1 • October 8

OSHER catalogue

Click here for course information.


OPINION PAGE, August 4, 2013...

By Allen Petrich, the grandson of the builder of the Western Flyer
at Western Boat Building Company in the City Waterway
(Now the Foss Waterway), on the Tacoma's waterfront, 1937.

WF HERALD 080413

* * *

A slim but great new image book by photography teacher, Mark Narciso.

(click on image to enlarge)

CR 72 cover sm
                      72 hovden

Contact Mark Narciso at for info or purchase.

* * *

The latest on the Western Flyer
July 15, 2013
from the Monterey County Herald.

* * *

The Western Flyer is about to be destroyed
for it's deckhouse as a gawker-attraction
for a Salinas inn & restaurant.

Here's one of the last photos of her in one piece
before her execution at a Port Townsend boatyard

by Anne Shaffer of the Coastal Watershed Institute:

WF in yard

Gemini / Western Flyer at Boat Haven yard at Port Townsend, WA
2013                                                                                                      Anne Shaffer Photo/Coastal Watershed Institute



Register at MPC Continuing Education



WF up again
                                                                                                                                                                            Art Kendall photo  
The Western Flyer as of June 24, 2013.

* * *

Los Angeles Times • February 18, 2013
by Steve Chawkins

A dispute over the boat from "Sea of Cortez"

* * *

January 27, 2013:

Our View: The Western Flyer belongs in the public domain


Thanks to all of you who attended the
Doc's Lab Tours, Saturday, January 26th
honor Kalisa Moore—the "Queen of Cannery Row"
Here's a Kalisa story from the Weekly, February 18, 2001.

Herald on Kalisa



Capt. Richard Rodriquez photo,

Western Flyer sinks again

Reported sunk overnight, January 13, 2013.

Stay Tuned.
(Register above for E-mail reports if you're not already on our contact list)

Scroll down for earlier Western Flyer preservation news


More Ed Ricketts Lab and Frank Wright
from Carmel Magazine's Holiday 2012 Issue:

C Mag cover
c Mag text
c Mag Wright
click to view pdf
click to view pdf
click to view pdf
  Feature by Michael Chatfield • Photos by Kelli Uldall •

* * *

And "Lucky" – a poem by Mary Cunningham about Frank and Ed:


There was no luck involved
Being drafted into the army
World War II in full swing

But what luck to find
Three days into it
Someone knows someone
That you need to meet

The front gates were guarded
Guns at the ready
But the three back gates
Had none

So off they went
Down to the smelly canneries
To find a gem nestled between
Factories and rocky shore

Bugermeister for 35 cents
And a bag of potato chips
Was all it took
To start a life-long friendship

Hungry minds coming together
Leaving their varied pedigrees at the door
To absorb all they possibly could
In conversation and stories
As classical music filled the spaces
Between their words

As the war continued on
the canneries blew their incessant whistles
while an author recited his embellished stories,
specimens were brought in to be sent out again
in boxes

at every chance, they all soaked it in
smells, tastes, sounds , sights and feelings
knowing these precious moments
were all the luck they needed.

-Mary Cunningham-Welsh
Feb. 27, 2012


Ed Ricketts' Lab and Frank Wright from
SFGate of the San Francisco Chronicle
Friday, November 30th.

SF Gate

(Formerly a) HOT TIP:
Look for the San Francisco Chronicle coverage of
Ed Ricketts' Pacific Biological Laboratories
Sunday, December 2, 2012.

Featuring Carmel's own Frank Wright, who knew Ed Ricketts during WWII
at the Presidio of Monterey (1942-1944) and later became a member of
the private men's club that bought the lab in 1958 as their clubhouse—
and sold it to he City of Monterey in 1993 to keep it in public hands.

Feature by Meredith May. Photography by Jason Henry.

Photos of photo shoot by Michael Hemp

Chron shooting Frank

Jason Henry w Frank Wright


Recent CARMEL and CARMEL VALLEY (& Big Sur) App Review in at iTunes:

App review
                                                                                                         —10/01/12  Carlo Nino


Sinking and Raising of the "Sea of Cortez" Vessel
Photos by
Capt. Richard Rodriguez • 10/09/12

The Western Flyer is up!

Western Flyer up

Western Flyer angle

(Earlier News)
The sunken Western Flyer in the Swinomish Channel
under the Anacortes Bridge, Washington.

Photo by Capt. Richard Rodriguez • Bitterend Blog


(Initial News)
The Western Flyer sank at Anacortes, Washington,
on September 24th, 2012.

Western Flyer
Western flyer at mooring • August/September 2012
                                                       — Kevin Bailey photo

Click Here for Details


Both of these 5-star travel apps are no longer availabe due to the
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Both of The History Company's 5-star Travel Apps are no longer available
due to failure and closure of Sutro Media, San Francisco, app portal for
thousands of high-quality travel apps available through Apple's Apps Store and
Google Play for Android devices.

Heartbreaking, and a two year loss of time, dedication, and talent.
Ask anyone who had them what they thought of these two:

CANNERY ROW (& Waterfront) Downloads

cr app icon
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Google Play for Android smart phones and tablets

 and Waterfront

  C-CV ivon
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and Big Sur


From the Archive:
Cannery Row Fire Muster
(Brooke Elgie photo from The History Company Collection)
— Date being researched —

O'Kane Fire Muster
                                                                                                                                                                                    — Brooke Elgie photo



A report by Howard Stableford of the BBC, featuring
Dr. Steve Webster (Monterey Bay Aquarium), Dr. Susan Shillnglaw
(then Director of the Center For Steinbeck Studies at San Jose State University),
Katie Rodger (Steinbeck Fellow at San Jose State University, Ed Ricketts bigrapher)
Michael Kenneth Hemp (Cannery Row Foundation; historian), and
Frank Wright (Lab Group member and friend of Ed Ricketts).
28 minutes of highly recommended listening before you attend the

in honor of Edward F. ("Doc") Ricketts (1897-1948)
on Saturday, February 22nd, 2014.

Cannery Row Foundation (established in the lab in 1983)

Join our Reservations Contact List for future tours at

Sunny Lab


Sad News:
"Doc's" Lab Men's Club member
Morgan Stock passed away August 28th, 2012,
leaving only three members.
He was 93.

Morgan Stock

Click here for his interview with Michael Hemp on the
Wave Street Authors Show
January, 2009


Museum of Monterey interview for its
100 Stories Project:
Michael Hemp and the making of
"SUR, Legend of The Last Otter Hunter"

Premiering at Amazon Kindle!
A new novel by Michael
Kenneth Hemp

Sur cover

By 1906, the Western frontier has almost completely disappeared and wanted gunmen are a dead or hunted breed. An aging outlaw on the run from his violent past seeks sanctuary in Big Sur, a “Refuge for Settlers and Outlaws” on California’s wild central coast and is forced by fate to become the “last of the otter hunters”—only to be challenged by violence and hardship to a destiny as the only man able to save them from extinction by his own kind.

At Amazon Kindle ($4.95)

Don't have a Kindle?
You can save your purchase in the Amazon Cloud Reader
and download it to any device (like iPad), including your PC.

ANOTHER REVIEW IN! Another 5-Star!
More by clicking HERE.

Review by Monterey County Weekly:

The Last Otter Hunter tells the story Cannery Row’s definitive historian always wanted to.
By David Schmalz
Monterey County Weekly • Thursday, September 15, 2011

     When Michael Kenneth Hemp moved to Monterey in 1979, it is tempting to imagine that Doc Ricketts and John Steinbeck breathed a sigh of relief from on high. Over the next decade, the author established himself as the preeminent historian of the Cannery Row era, and nearly all of what he has recorded (much of which can be considered a local, and national, treasure) would have been lost forever without his efforts.
     A writer by trade, Hemp’s interest in the piece of shoreline was piqued while researching a dining guide. To his surprise, he found that no major books existed about Cannery Row history outside of Steinbeck’s namesake novel.
     “I stepped into one of the last opportunities like this in the world,” Hemp says.

The complete review:
David Schwarz

September 15th, 2011
Review Text

Click here for more on literary works
by Michael Kenneth Hemp.


Unfortunately, our two Amazon 5-star travel apps are
no longer available. The closure of Sutro Media,
our technnical
processing and interface with
iTunes and Google Play
ceased business.


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C & CV icon

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  New user comments in:


Having returned to the peninsula and areas around it I kept searching for resources to fill the historical gap.
Thankfully Mr. Hemp has come to the rescue and you have answers to questions heretofore only known locally.
At a glance you'll have access to photos, facts, routes, roads, driving speeds, literature and trivia
all gleaned by Mr. Hemp himself. Enjoy!

-10/01/12 — Carlo Nino

• “We loved the bios and pictures of the shops and gallery owners!
I found places I didn't know existed and learned about them too.
I highly recommend this app when traveling to gorgeous Carmel and Carmel valley!!!”
                - 06/14/12   ("Domestic Goddess")

• "If you are around the beautiful carmel area, this app is a must have!
It has everything you'll need for info towards restaurants and wine etc.
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                - 09/11/11

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Tourists and locals alike should get this app and use it as their mobile
guide to Carmel & Carmel Valley.” - 08/20/2011

• “Comprehensive and beautiful app. An amazing app and source for the
little hamlets of Carmel and Carmel Valley! As a business owner listed, I can vouch that
the listings were completely free. Congrats on an amazing resource. Makes me
very proud to be a resident and business owner!” - 08/20/2011
• “What a wonderful/beautiful app! I live here and am enjoying browsing for places to see, things to do.
Michael Hemp has created an absolute treasure! ” - 08/19/2011

• “Bruno's Market has the absolute best filet in Carmel!” - 08/15/2011

• Katy's Place - “I don't leave many comments so when I say great food and friendly staff believe it.
Pet friendly patio.” - 08/14/2011

• “Fabulous guide to the Carmel area! The pix were great. Very comprehensive. ” - 08/12/2011

 • “Finally, an all encompassing guide for the most beautiful section of California.
This app says it all and shows it all. The best couple of bucks I've ever spent. ” - 08/12/2011

 “Great app. Slide shows and descriptions really show you the area and help guide your visit.
Well worth the price. ” - 08/12/2011

iTunes Ratings:
iTunes ratings 8/20/11

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This mobile phone app, profusely illustrated with archival photography
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It was an Apple 5-star!


Our 5-star app on

John Steinbeck's Cannery Row
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Incomparable while it lasted...

CR App in LA Times



This, of course, survives:

But now in a new Fourth Edition, July 2019.

Third Edition, First  through 4th Printings

has been reviewed in the prestigious STEINBECK REVIEW!

Click here for the review.

Click here for print version.
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A Michael Hemp video interview about Edward F. Ricketts
and Pacific Biological laboratories
for the Museum of Monterey "100 Story Project"


Announcing a new book designed by The History Company:

An American Insider's Perspective
Jonathan Showe
Publication release in January 2010 by Global Insights Press

Cuba Rising cover

Title, book design, cover design
by Michael K. Hemp

Cover graphic art by R.K. Behrens Design (Carmel)

Now Available on Kindle, Sony eReader, iPad, and other electronic readers!

Click Here for Cuba Rising on YouTube!
Edited and Directed by Michael K. Hemp/The History Company
Video Production by Wave Street Studios

* * *

Click here for the Jonathan Showe internet television interview
on Wave Street Authors Show

by host Michael Hemp—February 23rd, 2010
(Scroll down show list)

* * *

Coverage in the Monterey County Weekly

* * *

Click here for a National Press Release

Available (book or Kindle) on


An International tale of Ed Ricketts and the Lab:

Cannery Row on the shores of the Black Sea!

A Bulgarian Memoir by Dr. Alex Gochev

Gochev with sign

Mounting the hand-painted sign "Eastern Biophysical"
("Western Biological" from Steinbeck's "Cannery Row")
on the shore of the Black Sea, Bulgaria!


Memorial to Kalisa Moore
"The Queen of Cannery Row"

Kalsia Memorial

Bronze Sculpture by Jesse Corsaut
Dedicated on Kalisa's birthday, January 31st, 2011.

                                                                Kalisa in the Lab in 1997. MK Hemp photo.

More on Kalisa Moore, the "Queen of Cannery Row."


A new Cannery Row short feature on YouTube
by vacationing British filmmaker, Simon Morris


KNRY AM 1240 Interview!
Don Bowen interviews Michael Kenneth Hemp
on "Around Town"
(Saturday, August 15th):
about Cannery Row and Bombardier's Lounge WWII Big Band Jazz.

Click to listen (some buffering; clean mp3 to be posted soon)

sardine            sardine            sardine

Thank you to Ed Ricketts researcher Robbie Behrens
for the digital file of this 1983 recording (in its entirety) of an interview by

Michael Hemp with Joseph Campbell.
(Yes, that Joseph Campbell!)

(Including a visit to Ed Ricketts' Lab,
made possible by PBL member Frank Wright.)

This is interview is also part of the collection of interviews by historian Michael Hemp
digitized by and for the National Steinbeck Center, Salinas.


Agents & publishers
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From the Archives:

Established the Cannery Row historic tour industry
with lectures and guided walking tours of
Cannery Row and guided tours of Pacific Biological Laboratories
– Ed Ricketts' Lab –
in the early1980s on behalf of the Cannery Row Foundation.

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Live and On-demand internet tv:

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The Wave Street Authors Show
with writer-historian host, Michael K. Hemp,
broadcasting live from Wave Street Studios
774 Wave Street, Cannery Row-Monterey
Free to the public; broadcasts "on-demand"
Call (831) 655-1020 for more information.


"Apollo 11 Moon Landing and the
Junior Officers Revolt at
SAC Headquarters"

A memoir of a Moon Landing and the
SNAFU at SAC Headquarters
July 20, 1969.

Tune in! On a short-wave radio or crystal set near you! ( streaming audio, actually)
Live every Friday afternoon, 1 - 3 PM, Pacific Time. If you miss the show live, go to and click on the old radio on the Home Page
for the complete show in MP3 or for download.

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Click on the aircraft for the Bombardiers' Lounge WWII Big Band Jazz intro theme.

capt_mike_ci_photo B-17 graphic
Capt. Mike at the controls
Intro Theme (Glenn Miller, "In The Mood")

And from the War that Never Was:
Capt. "MONKEY HOTEL" missions in Laos and Cambodia




Assorted size, precision die-cut stickers on fade-resistant, coated vinyl
10 stickers per 8-1/2" X 11" vinyl sheet


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The Historic
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Created, designed and published by
The History Company to support the
Carmel Valley business community


(No longer in publication)

     The History Company
researched, created,  designed and published the first annual "Historic Carmel Valley Guide" for the Carmel Valley Chamber of Commerce. It follows the same format size and construction as the five annual volumes of the "Cannery Row Visitors Guide" created and published for the Cannery Row Company (1996-2001).
     Conceived as a residents and visitors guide to all of Carmel Valley, history acts as the umbrella theme under which all of the other assets of living in or visiting Carmel Valley are presented and unified.

     Carmel Valley history, from the first Spanish explorers to walk the beaches at Carmel Bay and their return to establish the Alta California Mission system, to the ranches, wineries and landmarks like "Rosie's Cracker Barrel" general store, are presented with stunningly detailed contour maps of Carmel Valley's four regions—from its mountains to the sea.


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to see

The 2005-2006 Guide

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The enlarged, 72 page, full-color Guide to

Historic Carmel Valley, with Valley history, respected community figures, aerial views of Carmel Valley, an exclusive wine tasting map, "John Steinbeck's Carmel Valley," including
the first comprehensive
Carmel Valley Dining Guide
is now out of print.
However,  you can still see all of it

included in THE 2005-2006 GUIDE to Historic CARMEL VALLEY


The Life and Times of the
"Queen of Cannery Row"

The History Company is collecting
stories, photos, memories and more.
Help us by contacting us with your
Kalisa Story—there are fifty years of
them on Cannery Row!

Kalisa's Cosmopolitan Place, 1958

                      1958                                                            Robert Lewis photo

The Closing of Kalisa's La Ida Cafe, 2007

Kalisa with Thom Steinbeck, 1998
National Steinbeck Center

Kalisa and Thom Steinbeck 1998
Art Ring photo

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